LG Energy Solution, a subsidiary of LG Chem, has started developing its own lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries to be mainly sold to Chinese companies. 

LG Energy Solution has already started developing its LFP batteries in its Daejeon lab. The battery manufacturer plans to build a pilot line for its lithium-iron-phosphate batteries next year at the earliest. LG’s LFP battery cells will take the pouch form rather than the prismatic or cylindrical cells favored by Chinese battery makers.

LG Energy Solution plans to work with its parent company LG Chem to supply the materials it needs for the LFP batteries. Korean media outlet, The Elec, speculates that LG Chem will seek a joint venture with a Chinese partner to supply raw materials for LG Energy Solution’s LFP batteries. 

BA-310F  is a new eco-friendly non-toxic water-based binder for Li-ion Battery Cathode. It can deliver the most excellent adhesion to the active materials as well as the Aluminium foil. It will generate excellent flexibility for the electrodes which is good for cylindrical cell production. It also effectively solve the problem which frequently happens in electrode production such as powder-off, falling-off, and cracking, etc.  The good mechanical stability, thermal stability, alkali resistance, and freeze-thaw stability make transportation and processing easier!