1.Testing items

For 2 soft-packaged pouch batteries, comprehensive tests such as appearance size, electrochemical performance, battery design, and material composition are carried out.
Testing items and conditions:
li-ion cell testing and analysis reportCharge cut-off voltage: 4.2V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.75V
Discharge capacity testing

Low-temperature testing
Safety testing current: 1C
Cycling testing current: 3C

2. Cell dimension and characteristics

118mm(L),40mm(W),10mm(T), 1.7mΩ(internal impedance),3.812V(voltage)

3. Discharge capacity

discharge capacity testing

1# cell: discharge capacity at 1C is 5178.6mAh, charge constant current ratio is 91.41%, discharge median voltage is 3.7906V.
2# cell: discharge capacity at 1C is 5215.0 mAh, charge constant current ratio is 91.87%, discharge median voltage is 3.7868V.
The battery weight is 118.39g, and the energy density is 166.80wh/kg. The battery voltage platform is high.

4. Discharge performance at various current