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Always Delivers High-Quality Safe & Reliable Li-ion Battery Cells for Energy Storage

R&D Excellence

Developing products of top performance Consistent R&D Investment

Excellent Technologies

Design and Develop High Performance products

Manufacture Excellence

State-of-the-art Production System Verified Quality and Stability

Excellent Manufacture

Excellent Manufacture System for Mass Production

Quality Excellence

State-of-the-art Quality System Verified Quality and Stability

Excellent Quality Control System

High-Quality System to Ensure Quality-IATF 16949

  • Forever EV Rickshaw Batteries

We focus on designing, manufacturing, and distributing safe & reliable Prismatic Li-ion Cells for ESS.

We provides a variety of Lithium-ion Cells that can work together effortlessly, elegantly, and cost-effectively.

Our value engineering effort maximizes the use of common components in the design and manufacture of its products to improve cost and increase inventory efficiency.

It is our mission to be the premier provider of safe & reliable Li-ion Cells for Energy Storage Systems. AmoyBATT, dedicated to providing top-quality service in all facets of its business, understands that service begins when a conversation is initiated with the customer. Our entire organization is committed to providing customer service through a continuous improvement process. AmoyBATT realizes that flexibility, performance, and customer service are the foundations of success, and is committed to providing each of these.

Get Safe & Reliable Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery Cells for Your ESS projects

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