Aiming to transfer the best Manufacturing Technologies of Li-ion Cells to clients, Forever EV’s engineers offer the professional service for the cells below,

-Cylindrical Cells/Prismatic Cells/Pouch Cells

The designed cells can be widely used for,

-Electric Two-wheelers/Three-wheelers/Four-wheelers

With professional cell designers and engineers from different top cell makers, Forever EV is always offering a high-performance design service for your EV cells.

The transferring manufacturing technologies includes, but not limited in below,

1.Electrode fabrication

1.1 Slurry preparation

1.2 Coating

1.3 Calendaring

1.4 Cutting

2.Cell assembly

3.Electrolyte injecting

4. Baking

5.Cell forming and packaging

The manufacture technologies cover different material composites,

NCA/NCM/LFP/LCO/LMN/LCO/Silicon anode/Graphite anode

You are welcomed to contact for more information and discussion!