Lithium-ion battery based on LiFePO4 cathode has been considered as one of the most promising candidates for large-scale application in electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and smart grid due to its excellent chemical and thermal stability, good safety, low toxicity, and low cost [1].

Among the components in the LiFePO4 cathode, the binder plays an important role in improving cell performances, especially in regard to cycle life. A high-performance binder should have high adhesion ability for the electrode materials to the current collector, as well as the ability to form a good electric network between the active material and conductive carbon, to facilitate the electron transport as well as the diffusion of the lithium-ion.

PAA binder can not only provide high adhesion strength to ensure good electrical contact between the active material and current collector, but also suppress swelling of LiFePO4 cathode with the electrolyte solution compared to the PVDF binder. SEM observation clearly demonstrates that the cracks of the electrodes are effectively suppressed by using the PAA as the binder.

BA-310F  is a new eco-friendly non-toxic water-based PAA binder for Li-ion Battery Cathode. It can deliver the most excellent adhesion to the active materials as well as the Aluminium foil. It will generate excellent flexibility for the electrodes which is good for cylindrical cell production. It also effectively solve the problem which frequently happens in electrode production such as powder-off, falling-off, and cracking, etc.  The good mechanical stability, thermal stability, alkali resistance, and freeze-thaw stability make transportation and processing easier!

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