A comprehensive laboratory facilities that combine the functions of material development and verification test is introduced and provided by Forever EV.

Usually, the cell makers will set up a central laboratory, a battery simulation laboratory, an advanced material synthesis laboratory, and a process control laboratory.

Adhering to the vision of high quality, the cell makers will perform the following various reliability tests for all new models of products,

  • Cycle life test
  • High and low-temperature discharge test
  • Discharge test at a different C rate
  • Constant humidity and temperature test
  • Self-discharge test at different temperatures
  • Overcharge test
  • Over-discharge test
  • Short circuit test
  • Heat shock test
  • Punch test
  • Pressure test
  • 1.2M drop test
  • Nail penetration

Forever EV will provide you with the right quality testing equipments for your EV battery and cells.